We are on a renewable five year contract with Npac Pvt. Ltd. We are happy with their services and field support.-Annapurna Organic Farm Ltd,Bhotechaur,Sindhupalchowk

Rajkumar Chaulagain

Incredible field support and friendly staff helped me set up my 5 ha farm.We are on long term renewable contract with them
-Forest Side HomeStay, Illam

Deo Rai

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If you are grower and want to be in the secure contract for kiwifruit marketing ,if you are grower willing to invest in nay fruit industry in Nepal or if you are an international trader looking to source fresh fruits from Nepal , we will be glad to help you out. Give us a mail […]

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We believe in Good Karma brings goodness philosophy and to support that ,we have been organising free fruit tasting and juices tasting campaign on the occasion of world’s children day, International Labour day almost every year that have touched underprivileged people’s day .Every smile counts and we have been careful to hire the most underprivileged […]

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